2015, really?

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December 24th, 2015 || Posted in Personal Site News || Comments Off on 2015, really?

So today I received a notification of spam comments on my blog. I opened up my dashboard to check it out and could not believe I have not posted on here since 2013. I have photographed so many beautiful families over the past two years, and I am determined to share them with you.

With it being Christmas Eve I will leave you with a photo of my two girls and Santa. I hope you all enjoy your family time.




A New Addition

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March 25th, 2011 || Posted in Personal Sneak Peek || 1 Comment

I am proud to introduce the newest addition to my family, Claire Victoria. She is one week old today, so in celebration of her big day we did her very first photo shoot. She of course was a trooper and I love the images I captured of my newest littlest princess. Little does she know she has many photo shoots in her future. 🙂 I will be on maternity leave until May. If you are interested in scheduling a photo session, please contact me to reserve a date. Enjoy!

And Claire’s beautiful big sister!

NICU Reunion

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April 10th, 2010 || Posted in Personal || 1 Comment

Today was MUSC’s NICU Reunion. They hold their reunions every other year, so this was our second one. We are so grateful for the staff at MUSC’s Children’s Hospital. We had numerous doctors and nurses help us through some tough times during Kaitlyn’s first few days of life. My little Princess was born 8 weeks early weighing 2lbs 11oz. You would never know it today, and it is because of this amazing hospital that she is here with us today. This year I was able to give a little back by donating a raffle item. I was thrilled I could help out in some way. My husband and I also sport MUSC Children’s Hospital license plates on our cars. 🙂 Here are are a few snapshots from today, as well as the first picture of my little girl so you can see how much she’s grown!

Happy Birthday!

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February 27th, 2010 || Posted in Personal || 1 Comment

My baby sister turned 15 this week! My mom is Cuban, and in the Latin tradition, when a  young lady turns 15 she has a coming out party or a Quince. Her party was last night, and was absolutely beautiful. I took some photos of my little sister all dressed up a couple of weeks ago, but could not share them until after the party. She wanted everyone to be surprised. So I present to you… Veronica. Isn’t she gorgeous? Of course I’m slightly biased. 🙂

Somebody’s Getting Married!

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December 11th, 2009 || Posted in Personal || Comments Off on Somebody’s Getting Married!

My little brother is saying “I Do” tomorrow! This week has been filled with last minute details, keeping the bride and groom calm when curve balls are thrown their way, and greeting amazing family and friends traveling for the celebration. I am so proud of my little brother! He has grown into an amazing young man and I know he is going to keep his beautiful bride happy. The bride… she’s pretty amazing too. I am thrilled to be gaining another sister. I am thrilled to watch their own family grow and to be a part of their beautiful ceremony tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures from the wedding… and no, I will not be photographing the wedding. I prefer to stick to children! 😉 Feel free to leave a comment for the happy couple.

I love you Anthony & Katie! I hope your wedding day is everything you hoped for!